Wine Ice Cream

Wine Ice Cream

Kingsley Grove Estate offer four smooth & velvety ice creams currently only available at our cellar door.

We have been working with Brisbane based Lick! Ice Cream to refine the flavour combinations and bring a Chef’s expertise to our wine ice creams, working carefully to ensure the flavours of our boutique wines are matched with ingredients that are satisfyingly complimentary. We have achieved this by making sure key things like acidity, sweetness and texture work in harmony with each wine.

These ice creams are all natural, free from stabilisers, emulsifiers and additives.  All wines used in these ice creams are hand crafted at Kingsley Grove Estate and all flavour combinations have been carefully blended to perfectly complement the flavours of our wines.  Only the finest ingredients are used by Lick! Ice Cream who work closely with growers and producers (like Kingsley Grove) to ensure that the ice creams use only Queensland’s finest produce. 


The ice cream comes in the following flavour combinations:

Hilltop Shiraz & Raisin
A play on a classic flavour combination, using our Shiraz with a subtle marbling of raisin. Gluten Free.

Merlot & Vanilla Bean
A soft & creamy combination of our Merlot with real vanilla bean. Gluten Free.

Fat Fox Port & Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate blended with our Fat Fox port to produce a rich & decadent ice cream. Gluten Free.

Verdelho & Lemon Sorbet
Our popular Verdelho paired with a hint of lemon to produce a surprisingly creamy sorbet which cleanses the palate. Gluten & Dairy Free.