Our Story

Kingsley Grove Estate was founded by the Berry family in 1998 and is operated by the family.  Michael and Patricia developed the concept of the vineyard and the site location for the winery whilst undertaking Viticulture studies at Melbourne University and until recently ran the whole production themselves. The vines are now looked after by Peter Stewart, giving Mike and Pat a well deserved rest. Their son, Simon has been making our boutique wine now for 7 years and loving it. The newest addition to the team is Jo, his wife who is now running the office.  Simon and Jo's children, Grace and Polly are learning the ways of the farm by living it and having a fabulous time.


Kingsley Grove vineyard lies within the South Burnett Region of Queensland near to the regional town of Kingaroy, which is about 21/2 hours drive from Brisbane.
Kingaroy is traditionally recognised for growing Peanuts and Navy Beans, and has been growing wine grapes in the area since the early 1900's. More recently Kingaroy has gained recognition as one of the fastest growing wine regions in Queensland.  

Our vineyard is 430 metres above sea level and was established in 1998 when the first vines of the current ten varieties were planted on the site. It is currently 24 acres (10 hectares) in size and can be easily seen from the Bunya Highway, approximately 10km beyond Kingaroy, on the way to the Bunya Mountains National Park.



All the wine from Kingsley Grove is produced in a very modern equipped winery, which is located within the vineyard itself. The winery was built in December 2001 and then expanded in 2003. The site layout minimises the time between the picking of the grapes and processing into the wine, which will ensure that the fine properties of the grapes at picking can be maintained throughout the whole period.



The vines have been chosen relative to the variety and location within the vineyard and are either grafted or on own roots. The trellis system adopted to support the vines is known as Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP) with the rows being 3 metres wide and the vines spaced 2 metres apart. The VSP system was chosen for a number of reasons as it was considered for the best to suit the climate, vine management and harvesting intentions. The vines are constantly monitored and maintained during the growing season to ensure quality and controlled growth. The whole vineyard is irrigated through dripper lines, which are controlled by a computerised pumping and control system. In ground sensors provide information on the water status at different locations throughout the vineyard. Traditionally grape vines are planted on an East/West orientation, however with consideration of drainage factors and the hot Queensland summer sun, it was decided that a North/South orientation with a future well controlled foliage canopy was the most appropriate for the site.




The winery equipment is the most modern in the area utilizing the highest quality stainless steel variable volume fermentation tanks, crusher plant and state of the art computerised programmable Pneumatic Press. However, the wine ageing process adopted uses traditional French and new American oak barrels in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to maintain the most ideal conditions for the wine. The vineyards’ own on-site testing and quality laboratory supports the winery.